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Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development 


Visualize your time, and quite a bit more.
Founded by Teddy Hwang (that’s me!) and Kenny Zhang in February 2019, Decount was a platform that gathered all the information that students needed and shared them on one platform, across all devices. 


The school my co-founder and I attended had implemented a bizarre schedule with complicated timings and different conditions based on the day and even based on whether it is raining or not. With most students and even some faculty getting confused of the schedule, I have set foot to solve the problem, and forever answer the question “what time does this class end?”

graphic design

Creating viral marketing material on social media to encourage students to sign up. 

4000 hyper-niche audience members reached

421 sign-ups (10% conversion rate!)

Instagram’s size limitation is usually a challenge; this creative however, takes advantage of the size limitation. (Note: this graphic was made pre-launch, and have different UI than the final product.)

web development

a web app for both mobile and desktop that interact with various APIs to deliver the perfect information in the perfect moment.

Our goal of showing relevant information only when you need is much harder to solve than you may think. Students who live in dormitories do not need to see the traffic for the day and students that commute do not need to see the dinner menus. Decount’s smart widgets adapt to each student. It pulls relevant information from different sources, like Dark Sky for weathers, CampusDish for school menus, and more.