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Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development 


Wear your favorite song, and more.
Founded by me, Spotiparel is an innovative blend between music and clothing. We let you print stylish codes onto sweatshirts that represent your selection. The best part? They scan on your phone to what you selected. 


I’ve always had a big passion in music and technology. A little while ago, I discovered that Spotify lets you create codes that you can scan on the app, and was fascinated by it since. That was when I had an idea to put these codes on apparel and accessories.

graphic design

Advertising creatives that generate over $10,000 in monthly revenue with just $100 a day.

17x audience growth in just two months on social media

web development

an ecommerce website that generates mockups on-the-fly based on their song choices. an order management platform that communicates with suppliers.

A highly customizable brand requires a highly customized website, which is what was built. Even better, 99% of Spotiparel is automated, from converting orders into printable formats for sweatshirts to emailing the tracking number to customers.